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Name/Title Maker Production Date Collection Type
Teapot Teapot
Technology/Social History/Domestic technology
Box [Porcupine quill box] Box [Porcupine quill box]
Technology/Social History
Evening Dress Evening Dress
Circa 1950
Technology/Social History/Domestic Textiles
Photocopier [Rank Xerox] Photocopier [Rank Xerox]
Rank Xerox
Technology/Communications/Printing and bookbinding
Belt [Truck 92] Belt [Truck 92]
Transport/Road Transport/Fire and Emergency Services
Dictating Machine (Stenocord) Dictating Machine (Stenocord)
Sud-Atlas Werke GmbH
Technology/Communications/Sound Technology
Camera [Canon] and case Camera [Canon] and case
Canon Camera Company Incorporated
Technology/Communications/Visual Technology
Badge [Barr Bros] Badge [Barr Bros]
Uniform Buttons [Tasman Empire Airways Limited] Uniform Buttons [Tasman Empire Airways Limited]
Tasman Empire Airways Limited
G Kenning and Son
Pin [Qantas] Pin [Qantas]
Qantas Airways Limited
Oh Boy! What a finish. Ross Baker's bent Cortina. Oh Boy! What a finish. Ross Baker's bent Cortina.
Ross Baker
Walsh Memorial Library/Ephemera and manuscripts
Catheters and Box Catheters and Box
Technology/Health Sciences