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1-51 Photographs.
52-81 Documents, clippings, magazines.
1. Doug Grieg in flight topdressing.
2. Doug Grieg in flight topdressing.
3. Aircraft just taking off skimming a fence.
4. Aircraft in flight.
5. Aerial photograph with an aircraft on the ground in the distance.
6. Aircraft in flight doing a sharp turn.(Snelling 27th to 30th Nov 1939.
7. Aircraft on the ground with engine running.
8. Farmer standing near some recessed farm buildings looking into the distance.
9.Three men loading a hopper for ZK-AUD with the pilot standing near the cockpit.
10. Three men and a boy loading a hopper ready for the aircraft.
11. Doug Grieg & Fred McKeever (Monkey Airways) with aircraft ZK-ARI.
12. AK-ARI and ZK-ADU on the ground waiting to be loaded with fertiliser.
13. Man standing beside aircraft being loaded with fertiliser.
14. Close up view of loading hopper near aircraft with pilot in the cockpit.
15. Man standing beside aircraft being loaded with fertiliser.
16. ZK-AOU upside down on the ground. Four men working at end of wing tip.
17. ZK-AOU upside down on the ground. Four men working at end of wing tip.
18.Group of men looking at crashed aircraft ZK -AIK
19. View of wind driven agitator on aircraft.
20. Well dressed couple with the man holding a
decorated balloon.
21. Merv North and Alan Vause standing beside an aircraft at night.
22. Jim Ritchie and Alan Vause in front of Auckland Aero Club Hangar, beside an 1932 Austin sports convertible car. 1946 or 1947.
23. Jim Ritchie and Alan Vause in front of Auckland Aero Club Hangar, beside an 1932 Austin sports convertible car with the bonnet up. 1946 or 1947.
24. Auckland Aero club Jane Kelsey and Alan Vause standing beside a 1932 Austin convertible.
25. Auckland Aero Club (AAC) Jane Kelsey in flying kit beside an aircraft.
26. Alan Vause beside a Piper Cub.
27. Bill Dini, Alan Vause, Mangere 1952.
28. Cessna Bobcat ZK-ARS being broken up.
29. Aircraft being broken up.
30. Auckland Aero Club, Bill Dini, Alan Vause, 1946.
31. Doug Grieg standing near an Auckland Aviation Services truck.
32. Man in workshop holding an unknown object.
33. Aircraft ZK-ASZ with part of engine cowling off.
34-35. ZK-ANN First Top dressing aircraft, May 1949, Before conversion. Cessna Bobcat in background.
36. Jim Ritchie and Tom Burt on posing on ZK- AN?.
37. Johnnie Neave's ZK-ANE converted to seed topdresser, 1948.
38. Aircraft on the ground, Paraparamau, July 1940.
39. Lineup of 3 Auckland Aviation Services aircraft and service vehicle in the background and 2 men in middle background looking on.
40. Group of 5 men posing against an Auckland Aviation Services aircraft.
L-R. Bob Shorthouse, Jack Molloy, Peter Moss, Doug Grieg, Ian Grieg (Son) Gary Toulson.
41. Wind driven agitator, 1949. (See also 09/015/013 (24).
42. ZK-ANN on the ground near a dump of fertiliser, engine running and a man near the tail of the aircraft. The men on the fertiliser dump.
43. Utility vehicle in the workshop with the bonnet up.
44. Building Aircraft Service (NZ) Ltd.
45. Dave Fletcher in workshop welding.
46. First top dressing ZK-ANN, Doug Grieg, Aug, 1949. Montgomeries Farm ? Cliff Benges farm.
47. Group of men posing in front of a building.
L-R standing. Eric Benge, Rod Thompson, Hec Dumstra, Bill Petersen, Bob Shorthouse, Jack Roberts, Front - kneeling, Lindsay King, Peter Mosse, Joe Kaupman, Stan.
48. ZK-ANN on the tarmac with utility vehicle in the background.
49. Second loader, note car wheels and hand operated hydraulic jack for lifting, 1949?
50 .Group of people standing in front to Union Airways building.L-R. Ken Meehan, Terry Whitfield, Keith Coyle, Colin Robertson, Jack Ling, Ron Ashby, John Brewin, Alan Rowell, Rex Leech, Frank Harker, Laurie Darrington, Jack Witten, Don Carr, Alby Taylor, John Ensole, Rex Handley, Gary Toulson, Bryce Farquharson, Peggy Bryan, Jean Laxton, Bryce Ellis, Phil Chenery, Brown, Geo Keating.See also 09/015/013 (29).
51. Photograph Alan Vause, "Gilly" Smith, Richard Waugh, Stan Smith. Stan Smith's workshop & hangar North Shore 29 Dec 1996. Stan is holding a large print of a Dragon Rapide.
Documents etc.
52. Aircraft Service (NZ) Ltd. Table showing Summary of 50 ton distributuon - East Tamaki, Tiger Moth - Distance 2½ mile radius.
53. Booklet: Aerial top dressing in N.Z.
54. Booklet :Africa Service New Zealand Limited.
55. Cover from Whites Aviation Magazine; Jim Clausen at Aircraft Service, Mangere, 1946, July 1946.
56. Second test 14.00 16-8-49. Lambies Farm, ZK-ANN- DAG.
57. Aircraft service (NZ) Ltd. to works manager,
Charge out rates for urgent work and overtime.
58. Invitation from Federated Farmers Onewhero branch and aircraft Service (NZ) Ltd. sponsoring an aerial topdressing demonstration on Mr. R Tully's farm.
59. Three experts discuss topdressing.
Whites Aviation, May 1950.
60. Notes on ZK-AIE ex NZ 662.
61. Notes from Moth Club, England, 2003.
62. Tigers in training. Extract from The Tiger Moth Story p.110-11, 234-235.
63. Corresp. and papers relating to change of ownership of ZK-ANN.
64. Correspondence From The Dadeville Moth Club, to Greg Braham re location of Fuselage identification plate.
65. Aerial topdressing pioneer's reunion.
Clipping from NZ Farmer 11 Sept. 1980. p.35
66. Aircraft Service (NZ) Ltd. company Shareholding history and correspondence from
Department of Justice to A.E.Vause,
Re change of name of Aircraft service (NZ) Ltd to New Zealand Aerospace Industries Ltd.
67. Corresp. from J N Geelen to Alan Vause, re information on pilots and their background in the topdressing industry.
68. Technical aspects of aerial topdressing.
New Zealand Flying. Aug. 1948.
69. Notes for Agricultural aviation reunion.
70. Farming from the air: Clipping NZ Herald 23 Aug. 1980.
71. Aircraft Service (NZ) Ltd. invitation to Aircraft Service (NZ) Ltd reunion. August 1989.
72. The first of more than a few NZ's first Cessnas : the Bobcat twins. NZ Wings March, 1982.
73. Photograph Aircraft Service (NZ) Ltd. Hangar at Mangere.
74. Employees : Aircraft Service (NZ) Ltd. 1950.
Note on test flights on farms.
75. The brief history of ZK-ANN.
76. Agriculture from the air in New Zealand
Aircraft Service (NZ) Ltd history. Aviation Historical Journal June 1972.
77. Corresp: From Gary to Alan Vause, 1998.
regarding his experiences in agricultural aviation. 1998.
78. Early topdressing in New Zealand.
79. Sales and service : Aircraft servicing.
Whites Aviation Jul.1946.
80. New Zealand Wings : features several articles
on Agricultural aviation. Sept 1979.
81. New Zealand Wings Feature article, Aircraft Service (NZ) Ltd. July, 1990. p.12.
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Folder of Aircraft Service (NZ) Ltd
photographs and documents, 09/015/014. Walsh Memorial Library, The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).

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