Motor engineering-charts

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Engine Timing Charts and brake layouts

Timing Charts
1. Timing charts 1937 models. A.C. (Acedes, Austin, A.E.C.,Armstrong Siddeley, Alvis, British Salmson.
2.Timing chart Alvis Engines 1931-1936.
3. Timing chart for Morris Commercial engines, 1931-1936.
4. Timing chart for Wolseley engines, 1931-1936.
5. Timing chart for Singer engines, 1931-1936.
6. Timing charts 1939 Models, Daimler, Delage, Dennis, Dodge, Ford, Gilford, Guy, Hillman, Hudson.
7. Engine Timing charts 1937 models, Riley, Rover, Singer, Reo, Scammell, Standard.
8. Timing chart for M.G.Engines, 1931-1936.
9. Timing chart for Citroen engines, 1931-1934, Oldsmobile engines,1934-1936, British Salmson engines, 19340-1936.
10.Timing chart for A.C. engines, 1931-1936,
Bugatti engines, 1931-1936.
11. Engine timing charts for 1937 models.
Bugatti, Buick, Chrysler, Crossley, Daimler, Chevrolet, Citroen, Commer, Dennis.
12. Timing chart for Riley engines, 1931-1936.
13. Engine timing charts 1937 models, Dodge, Guy, Humber, Hillman, Ford, Gilfords, Hudson, Jowett.
14. Timing chart for Dennis engines, 1931-1936
15. Timing chart for Jowett engines, 1931-1936.
16. Engine timing charts 1938 models, A.C. Acedes, A.E.C., Armstrong Siddeley, Alvis, Austin.
17. Timing chart for Scammell lorries engines. 1931-1936.
18. Timing for Crossley engines. 1931-1936.
19. Timing chart for Armstrong Siddeley engines, 1931-1936.
20. Timing chart for Commer engines, 1931-1936.
21. Timing chart for Buick engines, 1931-1936.
22. Timing chart for Chrysler engines, 1931-1936.
23. Timing chart for Lagonda engines, 1931-1936.
24. Engine timing charts 1937 models, Thornycroft, Vale, Vauxhall, Terraplane, Triumph, Wolseley.
25. Engine timing charts 1938 models, Humber, Jowett, Lagonda, Lanchester, Leyland, Minerva, M.G. , Morris.
26. Timing chart for Minerva (Sleeve valve) engines, 1931-1936.
27. Timing charts for A.E.C. engines, 1931-1936.
28. Timing chart for Hudson, Essex, Terraplane, & Railton engines. 1931-1936.
29. Timing chart for Reo engines, Timing chart for Vale engines, 1931-1936.
30. Timing chart for Gilford engines; Timing charts Guy engines, 1931-1936.
31. Timing chart for Thornycroft engines. 1931-1936.
32. Timing chart for B.S.A. engines, 1931-1936.
33. Engine timing charts for 1938 models, Morris commercial, Oldsmobile, Railton, Reo, Riley, Rover, Scammell, Singer.
34. Engine timing charts, 1938 models, British Salmson, Bugatti, Buick, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Citroen, Crossley, Commer.
35. Timing chart for Dodge engines, 1931-1936.
36. Timing chart for Austin Engines, 1931-1936.
37. Engine timing charts 1937 models, Lagonda, Lanchester, Minerva, Oldsmobile, M.G., Morris, Morris commercial, Railton.
38. Timing chart for Morris engines, 1931-1936.
39. Timing chart for Triumph engines, 1931-1936.
40. Engine timing charts for 1938 models, Standard, Terraplane, Thornycroft, Triumph, Vauxhall, Wolseley.
41. Timing chart for Lea-Francis engines, 1931-1936.
42. Timing chart for Hillman engines, 1931-1936.
43. Timing chart for Ford engines, 1931-1936.
44. Timing chart for Vauxhall engines, 1931-1936.
45. Timing chart for Standard engines, 1931-1936.
46. Timing chart for Rover engines, 1931-1936.
47. Timing chart for Humber engines, 1931-1936.

1. Model of Compression ignition engine (6 Cylinder)
2. Model of Lucas cut out and voltage regulator.

Brake layouts.
1. Brake layouts print no.1, Ford new type of braking system, Ford commercial.
2. Brake layouts Print no.2, Ford V8 Ford De Luxe.
3. Brake layouts print no.3, Leyland.
4. Brake layouts print no.4, Hudson, Railton & Terraplane, Talbot.
5. Brake layouts print no.5, Alvis (Speed 20), Alvis (Silver Eagle)
6. Brake layouts print no.6, Alvis (Crested Eagle), Alvis (Firebird)
7. Brake layouts print no.7 Standard, Citroen (Front wheel drive models), Armstrong, A.C. (Acedes)
8. Brake layouts no.8, Morris (Commercial)
9. Brake layouts print No.9 Scammell (Mechanical horse 3 ton)
10. Brake layouts print no. 10, Scammell (10 - 15 ton vehicles)
11. Brake layouts print no.11, Humber, Crossley (Bus chassis)
12. Brake layouts print no.12., Isotta Fraschini, Riley.
13. Brake layout print no.13. Wolseley,
14. Brake layouts print no.14 M.C. "T" type 1936, M.G. 2 litre (hydraulic & cable brake layout)
15. Brake layouts, Daimler, Daimler & Lanchester.
16. Brake layouts print no.16. Bendix Cowdrey.
17. Brake layouts print no.17 Vauxhall 12 & 14 H.P.
18. Brake layouts no.18. A.E.C., Chrysler, Chevrolet, Lagonda.
19. Brake layouts no.19, Austin ten, twelve, & Fourteen.
20. Brake Layouts, print no.20, Bedford 30 cwt & 2 ton. Bedford (light delivery) models.
21. Brake layouts print no.21, Bedford 8 cwt, Bedford 3 Tons.
22. Brake layouts print no.22, Buick, Triumph.
23. Brake layouts print no.23, Albion, Bentley.
24.Typical brake shoes print no.24
Other Name
Motor engineering charts
Physical Description
73 charts (folded) : some blue and white ; 24 cm.
Accession No
Credit Line
1930s. Motor engineering-charts, 71/1613. Walsh Memorial Library, The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).

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