Kiwis in Antarctica 1961-62-63

H. D. O'Kane, Photographer;  Max Farquharson, Other contributor; 

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Maker and Role
H. D. O'Kane, Photographer
Max Farquharson, Other contributor
The photos are all 'seconds' and duplicates. Original photos and transparencies are in the Antarctic Division archives.
Permission for commercial use of photos should be obtained from NZ Antarctic Division, Christchurch.
Survey party photos by George Grindley and Peter Otway are included in this compilation, credited as marked on the photos.
O'Kane canyon indenting E side of Eisenhower range in Victoria land named by the Northern Party NZGSAE.
O'Kane glacier opposite mouth of the Priestly, named by US-ACAN.
263 images of Antarctica, including title.
Staff Photographer - Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.
Seconded to Antarctic Division 1961.
Summer 61-62: Scott Base - PR and record photos.
Aviation reconnaissance and geology photos.
Winter 62: Aurora colour photos. Colour processing unit.
Summer 62-63: Aviation photography, PR including visit of Governor General Sir Bernard Fergusson.

000a: Title_resize.jpg
000b: Title_resize.jpg.
000baa: Tip of Drygaski ice tongue copy_resize.jpg
000bab: Ross Is copy_resize.jpg (Approaching Erebus)
000bac: (Ross Is)_resize.jpg
000bad: Hut Point Peninsular_resize.jpg.
000bae: (Hut Point Peninsular) copy_resize.jpg
000c: (The arrival early summer)_resize.jpg
000fa: William Field copy_resize.jpg
000fb: Russian plane McMurdo copy_resize.jpg
000fc: Scotts Cross & Erebus copy_resize.jpg
000fd: Late night towards The Gap copy_resize.jpg
000ga: Scott base_resize.jpg
001: (Scott) base_resize.jpg
002: (Scott) base_resize.Jpg
003: (Scott) base & the pressure ridges)_base copy_resize.jpg
004: (Scott) base_resize jpg
004b: Observation Hill_ resize.jpg
004c: Scott base, Pressure ridges.
004d: Scott base:_resize.jpg
004f: (Scott base)_resize.jpg
006: (Scott base)_ resize.jpg
006c: (Scott base_resize.jpg
006d: (Scott base_resize.jpg
007a: (Scott base)_resize,jpg
007ab: Doglines copy_resize.jpg
007: (Scott base)_resize.jpg
007c: Clearing base_resize.jpg
007cd : Covered way (between the huts)copy_resize
007d: Bulldozer_resize.jpg

007dc:(Bulldozer & dog lines)_Resize.jpg
007e: Resize.jpg
007f: (Loading water) copy_resize.jpg
007g: McMurdo base from Hut Pt copy_resize.jpg
007g: (Scott's first Hut & McMurdo) Mdscothutmc copy_resize.jpg
007h: McMurdo copy_resize.jpg
007i: Main St McMurdo copy_resize.jpg
007j: (Chapel of the snows)_resize.jpg
007k: (Interior Chapel of the Snows)_resize.jpg
008bl: Lecture in mess copy_resize.jpg
008: Living_resize.jpg
009: Party_resize.jpg
010h: (Party)_resize.jpg
010i: (Taking a bath)_resize.jpg
010j: (In the kitchen) copy_resize.jpg
011: Lathework_resize.jpg
011b: (ships arrive) ship in channel copy_resize.jpg
011: Unload ship_resize.jpg
011v: unloading stores_resize.jpg
012f: Fuel (store) copy_resize.jpg
012g: Fuel (store) copy_resize.jpg
012h: Fuel (store) copy_resize.jpg
013a: Ice hole Ross shelf copy.resize.jpg
013b: Top of ice hole copy_resize.jpg
013: Ice hole copy_resize.jpg
013: (Repairing dog sled) copy_resize.jpg
013t: Repairing sledge_resize.jpg
013t: Workshop copy_resize
013u: (Power generators) copy_resize.jpg
013v: (Kitchen - Frank Beech Cook copy_resize

013w: (Radio and radio operator Eric Vickers) copy_resize.jpg
013X: (Scientist Graham French at work) copy_resize.jpg
013y: (DSIR technician Williams) copy_resize.jpg
013z: (Scientist Tony Langston) copy_resize.jpg
014a: Dog tucker _resize.jpg
014b: (Dog tucker)_resize.jpg
014c: (Carpenter Graham McKenty) copy_resize.jpg
014d: (Graham McKenty and electrician Bill Timms in garage) copy_resize.jpg
014e: (Engineering Workshop)
014ea: Raising aerial_resize.jpg
014ec: Darkroom snow (Photographer Howard O'Kane) copy_resize.jpg
014ed: A motor toboggan_resize.jpg
014ef: Sir Viv Fuchs sno-cat) sno-cat copy_resize.jpg
014f: (sno-cat) Taking the Weasel to Arrival Heights) copy_resize.jpg
014g: Radar at Arrival Heights_resize.jpg
014h: (Radar at Arrival Heights) copy_resize.jpg
014i: (Scientist Ian Richards at Arrival Heights) copy_resize.jpg
014j: Arrival Heights beacon copy_resize.jpg
015: At Play (Abseiling) copy_resize.jpg
015: At play (Snow sliding) copy_resize
016a: (Scott base) Pressure ridges copy_resize.jpg
016a: Scott base from ridges copy_resize.jpg
016b: Pressure ridges_resize.jpg
016c: Pressure ridges_resize.jpg
016d: Pressure ridges_resize.jpg
016e: Pressure mound copy_resize.jpg
016f: (In the tide crack) copy_resize.jpg
016g: _resize.jpg
016h: (Ron Hewson, caver) copy_resize.jpg
016i: Ice cave_resize.jpg

016j: (Ice cave) _resize.jpg
018b: Visitors_resize.jpg
019: GG admiral (Sir Bernard Ferguson with Admiral Reeves) copy_resize.jpg
021: GG Group (Sir Bernard with 62' team) copy_resize.jpg
022: GG meal line copy_resize.jpg
023: GG Emp (Sir Bernard with the Emperors (Penguins) copy_resize.jpg
023: GG Penguins (Sir Bernard with Emperor penguins)_resize.jpg
023: Ridges_resize.jpg
024: South Pole (South Pole with Sir Bernard) copy_resize.jpg.
026a: Helicopters copy_resize.jpg
026a: Helicopters_resize.jpg
026c: Scott's Hut (at Cape Evans) copy_resize.jpg
026d: Scott's Hut_resize.jpg
026dt Scot(t) Evans_resize.jpg
026f:The Galley Scott's hut copy_resize.jpg
026g: (Ponting's) Darkroom copy_resize.jpg
026g: Ponting's Darkroom_resize.jpg
026h: Bed Scott's hut copy_resize.jpg
027: Scot Int (Scott's hut interior)_resize.jpg
028a: Inside Scott's hut_resize.jpg
028: Scot Int (Interior Scott's hut)_resize.jpg
029: Scot Int (interior Scott's hut)_resize.jpg
030: Scot motor (Scott's motor)_resize.jpg
030ta: (Shackleton's hut at Royds point) copy_resize.jpg
030u: (Shackleton's hut)_resize.jpg
030v: (Interior (Shackleton's hut)_resize.jpg
030va: The animals_resize.jpg
030vb: (Weddell seals) copy_resize.jpg
030vba: (Wedell seal) _resize.jpg

030vbb:(Weddell seal) _resize.jpg
030vc: (Weddell seal) copy_resize.jpg
030vd: Penguins_resize.jpg
030ve: (Adele penguins) _resize.jpg
030vf: (Penguin friendly & feisty) copy_resize.jpg
030vg: Adele penguins_resize.jpg
030vh: (Adele penguins) _resize.jpg
030vi: (Adele penguins) _resize.jpg
030vj: (Penguin colony) _resize.jpg
030vk: (Emperor penguins at Cape Crozier) copy_resize.jpg
030vl: Emperor penguins_resize.
031a: The dogs_resize.jpg
031b: (Weighing a pup) _resize.jpg
031c: Pups_resize.jpg
031c: Weighing pup_resize.jpg
031d: Weighing dog_resize.jpg
031e: Dog_resize.jpg
031: Pups_resize.jpg
032a: Mike Prebble (with) pups copy_resize.jpg
032ba: Lead dog Patch_resize.jpg
032b: Dogs copy_resize_jpg
032c: (Dogs) _resize.jpg
032doh: Exploration
032d: Practice (dog sled) copy_resize.jpg
032e: (Dog sled team)_resize.jpg
034: Dogs and ice_resize.jpg
035: Dogs and ice_resize.jpg
036:( Dog team of the Barnes Glacier) copy_resize.jpg
036ea: Dog team_resize.jpg

036eb: Dog team off Barnes glacier_resize.jpg
036ec: Dog team, Barnes glacier_resize.jpg
037: Dog team in glacier_resize.jpg
038: Dog sled_resize.jpg
038f: Dog sled team air (near airfield)_resize.jpg
039aa: (My travels) With dogs copy_resize.jpg
039a: Central flight (My travels around Ross Island) copy_resize.jpg
039b: North flight (Northern flights 1962)_resize.jpg
039c: South flight (Southern flights 1961)_resize.jpg
039d: How map_resize.jpg
039e: How map crop close (O'Kane glacier)copy_resize
039f: O'Kane glacier.jpg
040: Southern (1961 Southern party, Wally Herbert, Peter Otway, McGregor, Kevin Pain) copy_resize.jpg
041: Northern (1961 Northern party, Dick Walcot, Montgomery, Ron Hewson, George Grindley) copy_resize.jpg
042lm: loading dogs (into aircraft) _resize.jpg
042:(Loading dogs into aircraft) _resize.jpg
042m: (Loading a C47 at Williams airfield) Dog sled by aircraft copy_resize.jpg
042n: (DC-3 Beardmore base) DC-3 copy_resize.jpg
043la: Tents Beardmore base_resize.jpg
043: Landing_resize.jpg
043l: DC-3 at Beardmore depot_resize.jpg
043ma: Cooking in ice kitchen copy_resize.jpg
043mb: Taxiing freed plane (Our C47 is stuck on the ice at Beardmore)
044: Unloading (Rough unloading at Pearl Harbour glacier) copy_resize.jpg
044uo: Takeoff (Jato takeoff. Northern Party) copy_resize.jpg
045a: Campsite Sthn party (Southern party resupply. A very small target on the plateau) copy_resize.jpg
045:Flypast (Northern photograph) _resize.jpg
046:Fly pass (Northern party photograph)_resize.jpg
046: Resupply (Leader Athol Roberts and USN Loadmaster) copy_resize.jpg
046s: Nthrn party resupply (Ready to drop) copy_resize.jpg

046t: Wrecked plane (In a wrecked plane) copy_resize.jpg
047: Alone (All alone on the plateau. Northern Party photograph) copy_resize.jpg
048: Tent_resize.jpg
049ab: Axel (Down the Axel, Amundsen's route. Southern party photograph) copy_resize.jpg
050: Hallett (Field party at Hallett) copy_resize.jpg
051a: Reeves glacier copy_resize.jpg
051: Reeves (glacier) _resize.jpg
052: O'Kane (Towards the O'Kane canton) copy_resize.jpg
053vic: OK_resize.jpg (O'Kane canyon ?)
054: Devils (Devils glacier) copy_resize.jpg
054e: Mawson glacier copy_resize.jpg
054f: _resize.jpg
054g: Mt Wade copy_resize.jpg.
054h: Head Shackleton glacier copy_resize.jpg
054i: Shackleton ice falls copy_resize.jpg
054j: Northern head Shackleton glacier copy_resize.jpg
054ka: Coast south of Shackleton glacier Copy_resize.jpg
054K: North to head of Shackleton glacier_resize.jpg
054l: Head of Shackleton glacier_resize.jpg
054m: Head of Shackleton_resize.jpg
054n: North towards Beardmore glacier (Approaching Beardmore glacier) copy_resize.jpg
045o: Beardmore glacier(Scott's route to the pole) copy_resize.jpg
054p: Mill glacier & plateau copy_resize.jpg
045r: Plateau Bowden neve copy_resize.jpg
054s: _resize.jpg
054t: Ice falls Queen Alexander range copy_resize.jpg
054u: Ice falls_resize.jpg
054wa: _resize.jpg
054x: Coast south of Beardmore copy_resize.jpg
054y: _resize.jpg

054za: South of Nimrod copy_resize.jpg
054z: Sth mouth Shackleton (South of Shackleton) copy_resize.jpg
055a: Ice breakout at Royds copy_resize.jpg
055: Last ship (sails) copy_resize.jpg
055m: Last ship_resize.jpg
055n: Last person leaving copy_resize.jpg
055o: Last ship_resize.jpg
055p: (The sun sets) copy_resize.jpg
055paa: _resize.jpg
055pba: _resize.jpg
055pc: (Winter is coming) copy_resize.jpg
055pd: _resize.jpg
055pda: 4 The night_resize.jpg
055pe: 61 team copy_resize.jpg
055pf: 61 winter team_resize.jpg
055q: _resize.jpg
055r: _resize.jpg
055s: _resize.jpg
055t: _resize.jpg
055u: Blue_resize.jpg
056: Winter base (clearing snow) copy_resize.jpg
057: Winter base_resize.jpg
058: Winter base_resize.jpg
059: _resize.jpg
060: Fuel (Fuel for the generators) copy_resize.jpg
060g: Cold as (Graham McKenty & Bill Timms cold-as!) copy_resize.jpg
061: Fuel dump_resize.jpg
061g: (Shifting fuel) _resize.jpg
061h: (Cutting honey buckets) copy_resize.jpg

061i:(Winter water)_resize.jpg
061ia Winter water (Still collecting water) copy_resize.jpg
061ka: (Fuel dump) _resize.jpg
061l: (Fuel dump)_resize.jpg
062a: (Feeding the dogs) copy_resize.jpg
062a: (Winter dog) _resize.jpg
062w: Winter dog_resize.jpg
062x: (The moon does not set)_resize.jpg
062y: (The Aurora Australis) copy_resize.jpg
063: Base_resize.jpg
063ba: The sun returns_resize.jpg
063c: Sunrise (Lenticular clouds) copy_resize.jpg
063d: (Helicopters)_resize.jpg
063f: Horizon sunset_resize.jpg
063g: Double sun copy_resize.jpg
063h: Flag raising sunrise copy_resize.jpg
063j: First sun. cold temperatures copy_resize.jpg
063K: _resize.jpg
063l: (Time to go home) copy_resize.jpg
063m: Tossing water_resize.jpg
064a: Globemaster & Erebus (Going home September 1962) copy_resize.jpg
064b: (End with credits)_resize.jpg
065: (End Title)_resize.jpg.


030vj: (Penguin colony) _resize.jpg
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1 cd
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Credit Line
H. D. O'Kane et al. Kiwis in Antarctica 1961-62-63, 08/028/001. Walsh Memorial Library, The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).

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