Aircraft recognition : silhouettes and descriptions : U.S.A.

Mar 1943
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Production Date
Mar 1943
For instructional purposes.
United states aircraft markings -- north american mustang (p-51) -- vought-sikorsky vindicator (sb2u-3) -- douglas dauntless (a-24) -- douglas dakota (c-47) -- grumman wildcat (f4f-3) -- republic thunderbolt (p-47) -- curtiss helldiver (sb2c-1) -- brewster buccaneer (sb2a-1) -- vultee vengeance -- grumman avenger (tbf) -- boeing flying fortress (b-17E) -- lockheed lightning (p-38) --lockheed-vega ventura (b-34) -- north american mitchell (b-25) -- martin marauder (b-26) -- douglas boston (a-20) -- consolidated liberator (b-24) -- curtiss soc-3 (seagull) -- vought-sikorsky kingfisher (os2u-1) -- consolidated catalina (pby-5) -- consolidated coronado (pb2y-2) -- martin mariner (pbm) -- Curtiss seagull (so3c, seamew) -- curtiss seagull (soc-1).
Physical Description
25 pages : illustrations, diagrammes ; 17 cm.
Museum of Transport and
Technology (inc)
Presented by Anon
Date 4.6.68
Ref. No. 149/68 Sticker
Accession No
Credit Line
Mar 1943. Aircraft recognition : silhouettes and descriptions : U.S.A., 1968.149.9. Walsh Memorial Library, The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).

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