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Thorn Radio Industries New Zealand Limited, Manufacturer

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Thorn Radio Industries New Zealand Limited, Manufacturer
-1 Tape recorder Thorn MK12, serial No.TR 646 - Thorn Radio Industries NZ Limited. This instrument operates on 230 VAC only. The tape recorder is fitted into a rectangular case which is covered with a dark grey leatherette type fabric. On the front of the case is speaker cover made of anodised metal. There is a sepal mahogany wood framing around the speaker cover. On the left hand end of the case is a black plastic handle. The handle is 135 mm long and is attached to the case by 2 chromed fittings secured by 4 Philips screws. On the bottom, right hand corner of the gold-coloured speaker cover is a red and gold "Thorn" badge. The top of the case is hinged at the back with brass coloured hinges. There are clasps at both ends of the case which clip down the lid. On the base are 4 rubber mountings to protect and stabilise the recorder when in operation. There are also 4 rubber mountings on the right hand end of the unit opposite the handle. The main features under the lid are as follows:
An instrument panel is situated in the front with all the controls. Behind the control panel are 2 plastic tape discs side by side on individual spindles. The size of each tape disc is 176 mm diameter. The left hand spool holds the tape (magnetic) which feeds through a reader onto the right hand spool. On the control panel are the usual operational dials and buttons including a distance counter. The counter measures the position of an item on the tape. The recorder has tracks 1:4 and 3:2. There is a fitting for an extension speaker and also for a radio gramophone. 2 sponge fittings on the lid protect the disc spindles. There are 2 microphone fittings on the case, one on the panel and the other on the side of the case. The 2 metre long extension cord is fitted inside a small compartment in the back of the case. This compartment has a cover which is secured by a clip.

-2=4 Three OCL magnetic recording tapes 7" x 1800' acetate.

-5=9 Five spare empty tape discs.

-10 Microphone: Aiwa Dynamic microphone with 2 metre, flexible, extension cord and male plug fitting.
Signature/Marks and Type
AIWA DM-10 / DYNAMIC MICROPHONE / IMP. 50K[ohms] JAPAN Maker's Plate
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Credit Line
Thorn Radio Industries New Zealand Limited. Tape recorder, 2003.463. The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).

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