Eye Cast Set for Haptic Lenses

Hirst Contact Lens Limited, Manufacturer

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Hirst Contact Lens Limited, Manufacturer
Brown cardboard box with an integrated lid. Handwritten inside the lid is “Eden Eye / HIRSTLENS”. The box contains various items related to the production of Haptic contact lenses. Haptic contact lenses required moulds of each patient’s eye because they were custom made to fit the individual’s cornea. There are six plaster moulds for haptic contact lenses, each created for a specific patient [Parts 2-7]. Impressions of the eye were taken with a semi liquid moulding substance. When hardened, a positive impression was taken in dental plaster.
There are four Haptic lenses in different stages of production [Parts 8-10, 27]. There is one housed in a black box which is semi-finished and ready for polishing. The other two have been pressed out over the plaster moulds ready to be brought down to final thickness by shaping and finally polishing. There is a fourth contact lens with a piece of material over the centre. This lens has a finished front surface which has been covered to protect it while the outer skirt is ground down to final thickness.
There are six impression trays [Parts 12-17], which are plastic, funnel-shaped items with holes. These have either red or blue coloured dots on the handle. They vary in size depending if there is one, two or three dots.
There are two metal mushroom shaped items [Parts 18-19] and a metal cylindrical item [Part 20], possibly for use on a lathe. There is a brown rubber suction tool for assisting in inserting the contact lens into the eye [Part 21]. There are two small concave metal discs [Parts 22-23] and a small bronze arch-shaped metal item with “9.5” engraved on one side – perhaps used for measuring contact lenses [Part 24]. There is plastic dome with a cap and a square base. This item is used in the tinting of soft contact lenses [Part 25]. There is also a glass eye prosthetic with a brown iris [Part 26].
Processed Material/Paper/Cardboard
Processed Material/Metal
Processed Material/Synthetic/Plastic
Organic/Vegetal/Plant Extract/Latex/Rubber
Processed Material/Cement/Plaster/Plaster
Processed Material/Glass
Signature/Marks and Type
9.5 Engraved
Eden Eye / HIRSTLENS Hand-written
Accession No
Credit Line
Hirst Contact Lens Limited. Eye Cast Set for Haptic Lenses, 2018.1.3. The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).

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